Hungary welcomes Europe

Hungary may not be one of the biggest disc golf markets but the community here is dedicated. This enthusiasm results in big goals: bringing the best athletes of Europe to the country by organising events of the highest level. This requires locations capable of hosting such events with courses designed to challange the top players and an experienced organizing staff. By 2023 we believe we have achieved both.

Having no permanent championship level courses in Hungary could be seen as a handicap when you aspire to such lofty goals. However this also means that if you want to organise an event you are not bound by existing courses and layouts. As such you can look for befitting venues much freely and with a bit of imagination you may see the opportunity anywhere. In 2019 members of the organising committee of EMDGC2023 have seized such an opportunity in not just any place, but the biggest botanical garden of Hungary, the Arboretum. This beautiful natural reserve has been home to several disc golf events ever since, but the organisers knew right away that it would be perfect for a big scale event. Organising the Central European Disc Golf Championship in 2021 was the first test to that theory, as well as the biggest test for the organisers as well to prove they can handle more than your average tournament.

CEDGC2021 proved to be a success and the biggest hurdle was removed: the bid to host EMDGC2023 has been awarded to Hungary. The organising team has now been doubled since then and members are humbled and privileged to bring you the first ever separately organised European Masters Championship!

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