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About the championship

The best come to Szarvas

In August 2023 the visitors of the Arboretum will have a rather unique experience beyond the wonders of the incredibly rich flora and fauna: the botanical garden will be home to the European Masters Disc Golf Championship, the most prestigious competition on the continent for age protected divisions.

The tournament is expected to host around 150 competitors from all across Europe battling for the title during the 3 day competition.

arboretum of szarvas

the perfect location

Although there have been numerous international tournaments held in Hungary in years past, EMDGC2023 will be the highest profile disc golf event ever to be organized in the country. The right and privilege to host this event is the fruit of a multi year effort. The goal of the organizing committee is to provide a befitting environment for such a high profile championship, as well as to introduce a wider audience to the sport in Hungary.

The Szarvas Arboretum has been home to several national events from 2019 and in 2021 an international tournament as well. The magical atmosphere of the Arboretum provides the perfect environment for players and visitors alike.

Visitors to the Arboretum will have the opportunity to marvel at the natural wonders of the botanical garden alongside getting a taste of the disc golf experience from some of the best players of the continent. Visitors can get to know the basics of the sport at the exhibition area by the entrance of the park and they can follow the competitors battling for the title by the course set up in the northern section of the park in designated spectator areas.

Get to know more about the sport!

If you wish to know more about the sport and opportunities, news and communities in Hungary please visit
the disc-golf.hu website!

Disc golf in the Arboretum

Interested in what does it look to play disc golf in the Arboretum? In 2021 the Central European Disc Golf Championship has been held here and the course for EMDGC2023 will be almost exactly the same with slight adjustments.

All 3 rounds of the tournament have been recorded which gives a good overall feel of what competitors and visitors can expect for the upcoming Championship.

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