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Arboretum of szarvas

Disc golfers’ dream

It is beyond doubt that the most famous attraction of the city of Szarvas is the well renowned Arboretum. It is home to an incredibly rich flora and fauna on an 82 hectare park area.

And since 2019 it has also been the home of some of the biggest disc golf events in Hungary:

  • National Championships (2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Central European Disc Golf Championship 2021
  • and now the European Masters Disc Golf Championship

the countdown has begun


till the contest

challange and beauty

The perfect mix

The Arboretum has quite the magical atmosphere, befitting of the prestige of a European Championship.

The course will be set up in the northern parts of the park in a classic Front9 – Back9 fashion. It has been designed with the primary goal to challenge players both on the open meadows and the dense wooded areas that the botanical garden has to offer. 

Players will have access to the whole property so they can experience the best of both worlds. There will be a designated and enclosed player’s area by the Tournament Central where only organizers, players and non-players with accreditation may enter. This area will provide for most of your needs during the championship.
Completing the course is like exploring the Arboretum itself – new adventures on every turn of the trek.

Get a taste of the course

No major change will be made to the CEDGC2021 layout, only slight improvements to better accommodate the current field of contestants. We can’t wait to see how players will tackle the course and vie for the coveted European Champion title!

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