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Registration to the European Masters Disc Golf Championships is following the procedure set by the European Disc Golf Federation (EDGF).

Please read the EDGF Spot Allocation guideline for more detailed information, this is a synopsis of the said EDGF document.

All players are required to register to the EMDGC through their national disc golf governing bodies, and they can qualify to the tournament in two different ways:
Individual spots: in each division – that is MP40, FP40, MP50, FP50, MP55, MP60, MP65 – the EDGF has defined a division specific number (X) and the X highest rated players of that division will receive an individual spot for the tournament. It is a pre-requisite though that these players need to be nominated by their national governing bodies to be eligible for individual spots.
National spots: in MP40, FP40 and MP50 divisions, each participating European country will be awarded a country and division specific number (Z), and it is up to the countries to decide which player they would like to nominate for those Z number of spots. Note that in many cases division specific national spots can be transferred to other divisions (please refer to the guideline for more information).

For each country, an elected Team Captain will be responsible for handling the whole registration process, they will be required to nominate players, communicate with the EDGF, handle individual registrations, etc.

The registration has the following phases:

Phase 1 – Nomination of players for individual spots (this phase was concluded in December 2022)

Phase 2 – National spots selection rules – Team Captains are required to inform the EDGF about the set of criteria based on which they will assign their national spots to their players by January 25, 2023.

Phase 3 – Main Registration and fee payment phase – In this phase, Team Captains are required to register the entire team of the country, both players having individual spots, and players having national spots. However, in case of national sports it is not required to actually name the player receiving that specific spot until 3 weeks prior to the EMDGC. It is also in this phase that Team Captains will be required to pay the Tournament and Registration fees to the hosting nation. The registration deadline is 6th March and the payment deadline is 15th March.

Phase 4 – Substitute posts phase – During this phase EDGF will publish each week at a fixed given time all the newly available substitute spots that will become available to claim for the first countries (for national spots) and the first players (for individual spots) on the waiting lists in the specific divisions. This phase is expected to run until July 2023, more information will be published later.

Phase 5 – Last minute phase – one week before the event, during the last week before the start of the event only registered substitute team members can receive any available spots.

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