40 days to go!

The tee off is fast approaching:  in less than 40 days from now the course in the Arboretum opens up for disc golfers to start challanging themselves. As you might imagine there are still a ton of things to do before we get to that point. Let’s recap what happened behind the scenes and what can you expect in the coming weeks!

What happened behind the scenes?

As with a lot of other things the 80:20 rule applies to organising events as well. The first 80% of work is mostly behind the scenes, one might even think that there is not really much happening. However this groundwork is essential to hosting a successful event: everything you will be experiencing on site depends on the foundations laid in this seemingly dormant period.

Not everything is entirely behind the scenes though: here are some of the more important things that happened up to this point.

Tournament at full capacity

We are happy to announce that all spots have been filled so far, meaning that the tournament will be running at max capacity. If you have organised a tournament of any sizes you know that this might possibly be one of the best news to the ears of an organising committee. For EMDGC2023 this means that 150 players from 28 different countries will tee off at the European Championship. The exact spot allocation is still in progress, but we are getting closer and closer to the final list, working closely together with EDGF.

Accomodation at full capacity

Aerial view of the appartments

The official tournament accomodation at Aranyszarvas Appartments has been sold out. And rather quickly at that. That’s no surprise though as the appartment complex is only 15 minutes walk away from the Tournament Central.

As most of the competitors will reside here this will be the second most important location throughout the tournament.

Venue planning and amenities

We are currently working on the final touches on some of the most important amenities related to the tournament and hosting its participants. Just to name a few: airport transfer, catering on site and varios amenities at the tournament central to make it as comfortable to the players before and after rounds as possible.

What to expect moving forward

The 80:20 rule has another aspect: the effort to finish the last 20% of tasks is almost as much (if not more) than the previos 80%. What that means is: the coming days will be intense! 

As the pieces fall to their places expect regular updates on facts and important information about the tournament and player experience. Side events, the aforementioned amenities, the venue and the course itself.

Course layout and venue

Did we just mention course layout? That’s right, we are already past the first site visit to revise the original layout and a second site visit is just within a few days.

The original layout from CEDGC2021 will remain intact for the MP40 and MP50 divisions. However we will tweak the layout just a bit for  FP40, MP55 and MP60, as well as FP50 and MP65. You guessed right: we will have 3 sets of layouts! Don’t worry though: each modification to the original layout is made with the intention to better accomodate the physical capabilities of each division without taking away from purpose and challange of given holes.

The full venue map and hole breakdown will be completed by the end of July but we will give you a few sneak-peaks here and there in the meantime as well

The time remaining until the start:


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