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MDG Media will provide coverage for EMDGC2023

EMDGC2023 in Szarvas will be the first time the Masters divisions will have their own separate event. It will also be the first time that a dedicated media coverage will be available for any of these divisions: we are extremely happy to announce that MDG Media will be the official media partner for the European Masters Championship!

Thanks to the increasing popularity of disc golf we are getting more and more used to having more and more opportunities to follow events even from afar. If you aspire to host a prestigious tournament, such as the European Championship, it is almost mandatory to have some sort of media coverage to engage disc golfers far and wide. However that is only one aspect of the decision. What is just as important to us is that very few Masters tournaments get the attention that they might deserve. There is a potential gaping hole in the media landscape that we wish to fill as best as possible.

As such it was not even a question to the EMDGC2023 organising committee that we want to provide a professionally produced media content about the tournament.

We couldn’t think of a better partner to do so: MDG Media is the most dynamically growing production team in Europe providing quality content about the most prestigious events on the continent. We can not be happier to announce this partnership and we firmly believe that the mission of both crews align well together!

Coverage plan

With so many divisions there is even more opportunity for intriguing storylines to develop. However covering all of them in a meaningful way is quite challanging. Therefore we have decided to focus on the division that is the most likely to provide exciting moments: the post produced coverage will follow the feature/lead card of the MP40 division through all 4 days of the competition. The coverage will be available through the Youtube channel of MDG Media.

The exact media schedule will be announced as we get closed to the tournament – we are already working on assembling a stellar feature card for you! However we won’t abandon the other divisions: we will show you the daily leaderboards at the end of the coverage and we will put out regular updates as well.

In the meantime check out what the MDG guys are currently up to:

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