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Travel info

EMDGC 2023 will take place in the city of Szarvas, almost exactly in the middle of Hungary. Szarvas is a very popular summer holiday destination, located on the banks of river Kőrös, and hence offering many-many water related activities to the visitors. The town also has a very rich cultural life, with an open air water-stage, many concerts and other cultural activities.

Getting around in Szarvas is rather easy, the town has one main road, and pretty much all facilities (restaurants, bars, food stores, etc.) are along the main road.

The Arboretum, the Botanical Garden, where the tournament will take place is located west of the city, just outside the city limits.

We have prepared a google map showing all the important tournament related places for all those, who find it easier to navigate this way. Please click here to access the “official EMDGC2023 google map”.

Traveling by CAR
Szarvas is the easiest to access by car. Please use your favourite navigation application to find your way to the city and the Arboretum.

Traveling by AIRPLANE
Szarvas is located 130kms away from the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest. Players arriving to the Airport can opt to rent a car and drive to Szarvas, or sign-up for the tournament shuttle – details for this option will be added later.

Traveling by BUS/TRAIN
Szarvas has both a bus station and a train station so it can be directly accessed from Budapest and some other major Hungarian cities. is a very good travel planner website, where you can plan details of your travel, but we are very happy to help as well, just drop us a line.

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No major change will be made to the layout, only slight improvements to better accommodate the current field of contestants. We can’t wait to see how players will tackle the course and vie for the coveted European Champion title!
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