European Masters Disc Golf Championship 2023

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Although there have been numerous international tournaments held in Hungary in years past, EMDGC2023 will be the highest profile disc golf event ever to be organized in the country. The right and privilege to host this event is the fruit of a multi year effort.

The perfect venue

A prestigous event calls for a special venue. The biggest botanical garden in Hungary, the Arboretum provides just that.

A memorable first impression

Visitors of the park will get a first hand introduction to the sport from the best athletes the continent has to offer.

The Disc Golf Experience

Although not the biggest, Szarvas is a tourist hot spot with many opportunities for competitors to relax after a tiring round or to extend their stay beyond the championship.

the countdown has begun


till the contest

Hungary may not be one of the biggest disc golf markets but the community here is dedicated. This enthusiasm results in big goals: bringing the best athletes of Europe to the country by organising events of the highest level.

This requires locations capable of hosting such events with courses designed to challange the top players and an experienced organizing staff. By 2023 we believe we have achieved both.


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